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The Audit and Accounting Division’s highly skilled, experienced and professional team, guided by the firm’s senior partners, coordinate the audit and accounting services.

Our team’s extensive experience and broad knowledge allows us to perform audits according to accounting regulations in Israel, in the USA (US GAAP), the Israeli and the USA Securities Authority’s regulations (SEC), as well as international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS), and other international requirements. Our department experts are highly experienced in implementing IFRS in companies traded in the stock exchange markets over the globe.

The Audit and Accounting Division, headed by Senior Partner Isaac Idan (CPA), serves as auditor of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. In addition, the division serves as professional advisor to the Chief Accountant and the accounting division in the Chief Accountant’s Office and for many public and private companies.

The division’s specialists provide traditional audit services such as reviews and/or preparation of financial statements, prospectuses, public issue support, advice on capital funding, and accounting due diligence studies. Moreover, we often can identify additional needs for each client and can refer the client to other in-house services, including tax, transfer pricing, forensic audit, risk management, internal audit, individual taxation or control issues.

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The New Voluntary Disclosure Procedure

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The further example of a transparent tax entity in Israel – the Partnership

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The issue of the termination of residency in Israel

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Tax benefits for preferred technological plants

The “Preferred Technological Enterprise” On December 29, 2016, the Knesset (The Israeli Parliment) passed th ...

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Tax liability for the issue of Initial ICO

The digital currencies, and the taxation related to them After a long period in which tax authorities around the world d ...

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